3C4G - Butterfly Nail Polish Trio
Master at-home manicures with these shimmering nail polish colors and butterfly nail stickers.These 3 glossy polishes are made to mix and match, whether your fashionista sticks to a modern monochrome or paints each nail a different color, the finished look...
3C4G - Graffiti Nail Polish & Nail Sticker Set
3C4G Graffiti Street Style Nail polish and nail sticker set 4 Brightly colored bottles of water-based nail polish and totally trendy nail stickers combine for the best street style nail art. Includes:4 nail polishes1 sheet of nail stickersSuitable for ages 6+
3C4G - It's Lit Up Lip Gloss - 2 Pack - Graffiti
A dynamic duo! This pair of lip gloss wands are Lit! Literally! Unscrew the graffiti adorned cap and the lid and wand light up! Use pink or lavender shimmer glosses- one of each included in each set. Light up you...
3C4G - Light Up Message Board
Light Up Message Board: Express your thoughts on this great light up message board. Complete with 3 colorful neon markers to create dazzling neon messages that glow! Create your message, and flip the switch on and the bright pink frame...
3C4G Nail Polish 5 Pack - Glow In The Dark
Create a frightfully spooky glow any time of the year. Expose polished nails to bright light – then glow.
3C4G Nail Polish 5 Pack - Holowave
Create a perfectly reflective, glitzy manicure with these trendy, non-toxic nail polishes in holographic, glitter and shimmer finishes.Suitable for ages 3+
Block n Rock Bracelets
Make It Real and bring the world of creativity to life! Inside, find beautiful products and a Dream Guide magazine that profiles the lives of women working in creative industries. Create, Dream, Share... Repeat!Suitable for ages 8+
Make It Real - Call Me Beautiful
The 2000s called and they want their phone back! Sparkly "apps" that tweens can use to make their makeup look off the hook! This set includes everything tweens needs for a makeover, from nail polish to lip gloss and more....
Make It Real - Crystal Suncatcher
This gorgeous suncatcher will bring the outside sunshine into tweens’ bedrooms. The kit contains everything needed for this fun decor, including beautiful moon gems and heart pendants. Comes with a PlayTray to organize and anchor materials and hold smartphones for...
Make It Real - Friendship Bracelet Maker
Beyond candy stripes and chevrons- By mastering 4 knots and following the color-coded pattern on the roll, designs quickly take shape that were once too time-consuming, complex, and out of reach for the casual bracelet maker. All materials and bracelet...
Make It Real - Glam Makeup Set
This tween cosmetic set will unleash your daughter's creativity as a perfect introduction to makeup styling. Dense high quality pigments make for bold and natural looks she go. The Glam Makeup Set helps young girls develop fine motor, visual, and...
Make It Real - Heishi Beads Case
Mix, match and create hundreds of heishi beaded pieces while staying perfectly organized with this sturdy storage case and thousand of beads.  The sturdy case keeps thousands of heishi beads organized to make playtime cleanup easy and keep crafting fun.Includes:1...
Make It Real - Positive Gems Jewellery
Feeling Zen already or want to add some positive vibes into your fashion expressions? Future jewelry designers will love customizing jewelry with this all-inclusive set. All that’s missing is their unique creative eye to make 3 bracelets and 1 necklace!
Make It Real - Rainbow Treasure Bracelets
5 fabulously colored rainbow chic bracelets are the perfect treasures! Tweens will love creating each charming bracelet and styling them with their outfits to add a bit of flair to their look. Perfect as a gift for any occasion, each...
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